Below you will see information regarding investor relations for Titanium Holdings Group, Inc.

Pink Sheets Symbol: TTHG

Common Stock Par Value is $0.001

Common Stock Outstanding is 9,228,997

State of Incorporation: Nevada

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Transfer Agent

Interwest Transfer 

1981 East 4800 South Suite 100 

Salt Lake City, UT 84117 

(801) 272-9294 

Fax (801) 277-3147 

For Further Information Contact: 

Randall K Davis (210) 227-9161x100

1023 Morales Street

San Antonio, TX 78207



Steven Etra (718) 894-7200 x208

Persons who are affiliates of TTHG or who are the owners beneficially of more than 10% of TTHG's common stock: 

Steven Etra

Shares: 4,611,293

Percent ownership: 49.97%

Mr. Steven Etra has voting control over an additional 842,318 shares giving him rights to vote 59% of the outstanding shares of TTHG. Mr. Steven Etra's ownership gives him a majority voting control of the Company.

The Board of Directors as a Group currently has voting control on 6,012,519 shares or 65% of our outstanding shares as follows:

Steven Etra - 5,453,611 shares ( 4,611,293 direct)

Paul Etra - 428,500 shares

Randall Davis - 50,000 shares

Aladar Deutsch - 50,000 shares